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Flat C, 6/F, World Trust Tower,

50 Stanley Street, Central,

Hong Kong SAR

U.S. Market Entry for Hong Kong-Based Fitness Tech

Comprehensive brand adaptation, bringing Hong Kong-based fitness tech startup to the U.S market. Launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign, gaining exposure in the U.S. market. Grew lead database by more than 230% through social media campaigns, website optimization, and affiliate marketing. Google Analytics Experiments, A/B testing, focus groups, and user research studies. Social media following increased by 16% and website bounce rate decreased by 20%.

UX Optimization

Facilitated focus groups and held user events to study user base, focusing on value proposition and payment. Optimized copy of donation banner wording to maximize revenue.

U.S. Market Entry for Hong Kong-Based Fashion Brand

Demographic and competitor brand affinity target testing to find perfect segment to bring Hong Kong fashion brand into the U.S. market. Ad testing, social media management, and content to build a community, drive traffic, and introduce the brand to the U.S. consumer.

China & Western Market E-commerce Experience

Developed bilingual Shopify e-commerce website to bring the Shanghai brand to the international market. The site includes rewards for customer to build loyalty, build customer demographics, and drive sales.

Facebook Ads and Email marketing

Facebook and Instagram ad buy, utilizing targeting test for ad optimization. Used email marketing to drive event traffic and program sign up. Maintaining an above industry average 26%+ open rate.