We have taken inspiration from years of startup experience and agile development to build a marketing package for young brands. Our team complements your team, working closely together with you to augment your branding efforts and to help you build more than just clickbait; rather helping you to build strong relations with your customers. We do this by following the steps outlined below.




“Let’s work the problem, people. Let’s not make things worse by guessing.”
~ Gene Kranz, Apollo 13

The Affinity Culture philosophy is simple: we work the problem. Marketing a product or service is never about coming up with a fancy slogan and slapping it on some ads.

With the vast amounts of data available today, we can be methodical in our approach to building your brand and fostering your community.

We tackle marketing with a scientific mind. We form a theory, test it, implement it, validate it, learn from it, and repeat it. Testing involves the creative idea, the message, segment, channel, and more.