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WE are agile

We have taken inspiration from years of startup experience and agile development to build a marketing package for young brands. Our team complements your team, working closely together with you to augment your branding efforts and to help you build more than just clickbait; rather helping you to build strong relations with your customers. We do this by following the steps outlined below.

A Project Manager works with your team to build a marketing stack which best compliments your current team and goals.

Our Project Manager will lead a Sampling Phase, which lasts about a month. The first week of this phase is preparation and developing a strategy. During the following 3 weeks, our team runs ads and social media campaigns to gauge the initial market segmentation and product fit. The Sampling Phase is designed to also build an effective working relationship between our teams.

Next, we dive into digital agile marketing, keeping our process nimble and lean. Reaching your audience where they are. We expand our marketing efforts as necessary.

To build anticipation around your brand and gauge reception, we plan a ‘coming out event.’ This can be in the form of the launch of a new line/product, a crowdfunding campaign, or a pop-up store.

Our Marketing Stack



Facebook + Instagram Ad Buy


Facebook + Instagram Management



E-Commerce site optimization