The T Word

Let’s address the elephant in the room, tariffs. This month President Donald Trump passed a new set on tariffs on nearly every Chinese manufactured goods that didn’t already have tariffs on.

Now I am not here to say how I feel about this latest round of tariffs, I am just here to put some things into perspective.

Currently, these tariffs hit just about every good America buys from China, this is bad if you are a Chinese importer sure, but if you are simply a Chinese seller you might be fine.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency has a policy called De Minimis (meaning something lacking significance) that allows a certain amount of imported goods to be exempted from duties and tariffs, that maximum amount for this policy is $800. What this means is that so long as your client buys less than $800 from your marketplace they have nothing to worry about, of course, that means that if they spend more than $800 they will have to weather the tariffs. I am not an economist nor a lawyer so I could not tell you how that scenario would play out however, my undergraduate degree was in communications for a reason.

Remember this is just a small superficial update on tariffs, and keep in mind that the current state of tariffs in the US is erratic, to say the least (we literally just canceled new tariffs on Mexico).

There are a lot of tiny details that go into these tariffs that we cannot possibly fit in here. You should definitely stay up to date on them if you plan to export to the US from China.

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