Marketing Tips to Get Your Content Seen

Writing is an art, and I am not just saying that because that is what I do for a living and I need to somehow elevate it and justify it to my parents.

Writing is difficult, not because using proper grammar can be a pain or because English is such a mess of a language, finding inspiration is difficult. Often writers will sit in front of their computers for minutes just starring at a blank page, it mocks them as deadlines get ever closer.

The most difficult part of writing though is having nobody read what you wrote. So I have put together some helpful blog writing tips to get as much traffic out of your content as possible. Now keep in mind this is not a guide on how to write, but rather what to do after you have written a kickass piece of content. In the future, I might do a piece on how to get in the right mood for writing and how to write a blog, for now just know that I write 90% of my blogs while listening to 10 years old indie songs.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, Judge it by its Title

Titles are incredibly important, not only do they help you rank higher in the google game but they are also the first thing your reader sees, and if it’s not interesting enough they will pass.

A compelling title is crucial to get your content read, it must be interesting and informative enough for someone to take the time to click on it. People will come across 5000 different articles every day, give them a reason to click on yours.

For title suggestions I recommend Ubersuggest, just type in the keywords of what your blog is about, hit Content Ideas and see what other people have done in regards to titles and how those blogs have performed.

Pro tip: you can change your articleś title as you see fit if you can think of something better, do make sure you keep the same URL however to prevent issues in the future.

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

Sometimes while you surf the web you will find articles that spark your interest and make you want to talk about it, maybe give your point of view on the topic. Moments like this happen often, there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other writers.

When you do this you don’t necessarily have to mention the article or anything like that but considering doing so. Quoting other articles is not only ok but encouraged, furthermore consider reaching out to the writer of the original article and let them know you are quoting and linking them, they might return the favor and share your article with their audience.

Linking outside your site goes a long way for searchability as well.

Keywords and SEO

Keywords are extremely important to your blog. Having the correct keywords will do wonders for your SEO, they can help you rank higher on google and therefore attract more readers. Google Ads has a great keyword planner you can use for free.

A word of caution, do not drown your entry in keywords, this will have the opposite effect from what you want. Be strategic with your keywords, use them in your title, subheaders, introductory paragraph or even your conclusion. Remember, even with all this optimization writing is still an art, you do not muddle art with unnecessary things.

Make sure you use your keywords in your meta tags as well, this is important.

Images are More than Meet the Eye

Your choice of imagery for your blog is important, the images you use must be appealing and easy to digest. You do not want anything too busy either. If you are doing a blog about e-commerce use a picture of someone buying stuff online, if you are writing about wine use simple pictures of wine bottles and glasses. Feel free to get as silly with the caption as you want based on your brand’s voice.

When you find the right pictures and upload them to your blog make sure you use keywords in the file names.

Get Social

Social media is the venue most of us will be sharing our entries, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, we will be using some sort of social platform.

Social media is a great way to propagate information, the problem, of course, being that everyone else is using it as well.

So how do you get someone to click on your entry instead of everyone else’s? You make it more interesting of course. Intriguing copy tends to work well, give up a bit of information, make it known that you have the answer to their problem.

What do you think is more interesting “Marketing has changed since the pandemic” or “The pandemic has changed the face of marketing, here’s what nobody is talking about”?


I hope these tips helped you think about what to do with your next blog. I know this feels like a lot of things to worry about for a blog entry, but remember you are doing this to make sure your work does not go unnoticed. Do not waste your time writing a great entry only for it to get lost in the vast emptiness of the internet.

Remember to stay safe out there, until next time we meet.

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